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We are no different to our clients. We have families, we are homeowners – we want to build wealth for our future and minimise our tax.

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Helping people build wealth is what we do

We listen. We collaborate. We plan. We educate. We implement. We monitor. We support.

And, when we see our clients benefit, we celebrate.

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A true partnership

The Debt Recyclers was created by Stickman Wealth Management, an award winning financial planning business.

We partner for mutually beneficial results. If you don’t have success, we don’t have success. We will help you not only achieve sound financial outcomes, but ensure you understand the how’s and why’s around the process.

In short, we will be your partner every step of the way.

We are award-winning financial professionals who know what is important to everyday Australians.


We listen and learn about your situation. We develop and implement appropriate and agreed plans. We see them through with you.

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The benefits are clear cut; Own your home sooner, Build wealth & Save tax. What have you got to lose?

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We believe because we have personally benefitted from our process and have helped many others do the same

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We’re here to help you improve your financial position